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Ben10 Cartoon Getting an Xbox One Game This Fall

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Fans of Cartoon Network will probably recognize that most of their shows are reboots. Power Puff Girls, Teen Titans Go! and now Ben10. That's right, Outright Games announced today that Ben10 will be getting an Xbox One game this November. It will follow the current reboot on Cartoon Network.

Ben10 is the story of a young boy named Ben. He is able to transform into a variety of alien formations, ten to be exact, in order to fight enemies and save the world. Each alien has different powers and ability, and it's up to Ben to decide which one to use wear. There was an Xbox 360 game based on the franchise, but this version will be based on the more modern current reboot. 

"We’re very pleased to announce our distribution agreement with U&I Entertainment, LLC,” said Terry Malham, CEO of Outright Games. “Our aim is to bring high quality, family-friendly video games to families around the world, and U&I Entertainment is the perfect partner for us in the U.S. for the exciting 2017-2018 period.”

“We are delighted to partner with Outright Games for the distribution of their titles in the coming year,” added Shane Dodson, of U&I Entertainment. “Working on leading kid’s titles alongside Outright Games and adding global franchises like Ben 10 and Adventure Time to our roster is very exciting and we look forward to getting these games into consumers hands here in the U.S.”

Ben10 will release on November 14th, 2017 on Xbox One. 


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