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Black Manta Gameplay Revealed for Injustice 2

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We still have about two weeks to go until the second fighter pack hits for Injustice 2, but we got to see a glimpse of gameplay for its first character Black Manta this weekend. The official Youtube account revealed the gameplay trailer yesterday, and it shows that Black Manta will be a pretty intense fighter.

All of his primary weapons will be available for players to use. His eye lasers, wrist rockets, trident and jetpack will be implemented into his combos. Black Manta will also be able to fly in the air, which will make for some pretty formidable aerial combos. You can see in the trailer below how quickly he makes up ground and is able to juggle opponents to keep combos going that would otherwise be finished with other characters. 

The second fighter pack will release on Xbox One September 12th, 2017 and you can check out the gameplay trailer below

Mike Boccher

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