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DontNod and Bandai Namco Have Partnered on a New, Narrative Driven IP

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DontNod, the team behind Life is Strange, has partnered with Bandai Namco in development on a new story driven, narrative IP.

The game will take place in a fictional U.S. city much like Life is Strange and utilize a "fair dose of investigation" according to the reveal at MCV. VP of Marketing Herve Hoerdt commented on the game by saying:

"We want [new IPs] to make up 50 per cent of our business, and we're achieving this by developing long-term partnerships with a few studios. "The first visible part of this was Little Nightmares, and we've been extremely happy [with it], but this is only the start of something. We also recently released Get Even, and now we're very happy to partner with Dontnod.
Dontnod was a kind of rough diamond – very much a rising star, I would say – and with the success of Life is Strange, it's the first big player in terms of quality business model, vision, and we think that's a good strategy that fits. It was the right moment, so we decided to partner [with them].

No details on platforms or titles were available, but the game will be formally revealed sometime in 2018. It's being worked on by a different team than the one developing Life is Strange 2. The only image provided is the one you see above. Even though platforms have not been mentioned, it would be logical to say that only PS4/Xbox One and maybe PC would be those involved by the time it is released.

More information to come as it's available


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