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The Crew 2 Gets a March Release Date and Awesome New Feature

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The Crew was a surprising MMO when Ubisoft first released it. A racing MMO, doubts of skeptical fans were quickly squashed once they tried out Cantamessa's story. The upcoming sequel The Crew 2 got a release date today, along with what is perhaps the best feature ever in a racing game.

Shown off in the new Fast-Fav Multi Vehicle gameplay trailer, we will now be able to switch vehicles on the fly between sea, air and land types. We'll have the option to assign one vehicle of each type to a corresponding controller button then switch as we see fit. This means if you jump right off Golden Gate Bridge, you will be able to switch to a speed boat right before you hit the water. If you catch air on a huge wave in the ocean, you can switch to an airplane and take off. With The Crew 2, players will experience the thrill of a huge, varied and action-packed open world USA completely reshaped for motorsports.

In The Crew 2, drivers will explore America and compete to be a champion of Motornation by collecting a wide variety of exotic cars, bikes, boats and planes and dominating the motorsports scene on the land, on the water and in the air. They will find challenges and inspiration among four different motorsports families: street racing, off-road, pro-racing and freestyle, and are a given a deep set of options among a wide selection of vehicle types.

You can see the new feature live in the trailer below, and The Crew 2 will launch on Xbox One on March 16th, 2018.

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