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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Dev Diary Explores the Chloe-Rachel Dynamic

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The newest developer diary for Life is Strange: Before the Storm was released, and it shows a look at the dynamic involved with Chloe and Rachel's relationship. Both voice actresses Ashly Birch and Rhianna Devries spoke about how their approach to the game was dictated by the original. 

Rhianna mentioned that, when voicing the scene with Rachel, her inspiration was "You can't be with someone you live anymore". Things like this show how Life is Strange is such a powerful game, and admittedly our favorite game of all time.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is only going to be a three episode game, opposed to the original's five episodes. Although Ashly Birch has not resumed the role of Chloe due to the voice actors strike, she was able to sign on as a consultant. There is a audible difference between the two, but it shouldn't be too impactful on gameplay as long as the level of emotion is maintained.

Since this game takes place three years before the original, Max is not in it as she has already moved away. Those who purchase the Deluxe Edition will receive a fourth, bonus episode focused on Max. No details have been released regarding this episode yet, but it will come after the third episode. The goal is to have fans play as Max one final time in order to say goodbye.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm hits Xbox One on August 31st, 207. Check out the trailer below.

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