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Custom Gamerpics Now Available on Xbox One

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Custom Gamerpics and avatars have finally arrived on Xbox One today. A new update allows you to set up your new avatar on console or pc (not Xbox app), and can be whatever your heart desires.

We can only imagine the types of images we are going to see, but we're going to have to wait for that. Other changes include chat bubbles for the mobile app and co-streaming on console. Through the Mixer app, you will now be able to invite up to three friends to stream at the same time in a split-screen format. The chat bubbles will pop up only in Android phones, and create a bubble in your notification bar. These will be on by default for both chat and clubs, so you'll have to turn them off if you don't want to be disturbed. 

Individual controllers can be setup to specific gamertags now, and will be done through the settings menu. Make sure to be signed into the profile and using the controllers you want at the time.

All the changes are live now on console, and the Xbox app will be updated at some point today on Android

Mike Boccher

Michael is the Editor in Chief of MyXboxRadio as well as the Host of our Radio Show. He is married with three children thanks to his beautiful wife, who for some reason is cool with him talking about video games as much of his free time as he can. With over 30 years of gaming experience, Michael has a vast working knowledge of the video games business and their development.

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