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Middle Earth: Shadow of War Let's You Carry Over Data from Shadow of Mordor with Nemesis Forge

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Middle Earth: Shadow of War is going to have a cool feature when it releases thanks to a free update on Shadow of Mordor today. It's called Nemesis Forge, and will let you carry over data from one game to the next. 

If you've already played Shadow of Mordor, when you get Shadow of War simply enter the Nemesis Forge menu under the Game Mode screen. This will bring your highest ranking Nemesis from Mordor into Shadow of War, as well as your most loyal follower. If you have yet to play Shadow of Mordor, the game will be free to try today through July 9th on Xbox One, and the purchase price is a full 80% off through July 17th. It's an amazing game, and it's also the perfect time to get your hands on it before Shadow of War releases in October. 

You can check out the trailer below for the new Nemesis Forge mode, and can download Shadow of Mordor from here. Middle Earth: Shadow of War will release on Xbox One October 10th, 2017. 

Mike Boccher

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