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Rocket League Anniversary Update Drops Today, Here is What's Included

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The Anniversary Update for Rocket League is available now on Xbox One, and it includes a number of new items. It was announced last week that Rick and Morty content will be available, but that's not all players get. Animated decals, goal explosions, new car drops from crates and more are also coming. The full list is below:

  • FREE Rick & Morty Customization items distributed as Common drops after online and offline matches, including Rick and Morty Antennas, ‘Cromulon,’ ‘Mr. Meeseeks,’ and ‘Mr. PBH’ Toppers, an ‘Interdimensional GB’ Rocket Boost, and ‘Sanchez DC-137’ Wheels
  • ‘Rocket League Radio,’ which adds a new default music playlist “Rocket League x Monstercat” with 18 new tracks from EDM music label Monstercat
  • New Import Battle-Cars 'Animus GP' and 'Centio V17,' available exclusively as drops inside the new 'Overdrive Crate'
  • New Overdrive Crate with the potential to unlock animated decals, brand-new trails, and more
  • New customization options like 'Engine Audio,’ ‘Goal Explosions,' and 'Trails' that are a mix of FREE selections and Crate drops
  • End to ‘Competitive Season 4’ and Trail rewards distributed to competing players based on their highest skill tier reached
  • Beginning of ‘Competitive Season 5’ with new changes
  • Six new achievements 

The changes to Competitive Season 5 are ones that many may be happy with, and that includes your skill points not resetting. Psyonix noted that this has led to a lot of matchmaking issues with matches for a while once the new season starts and people revert back to the beginning of skills. As a result, all of your skills from season 4 will carry over to season 5.

They also announced a new system called Season Rewards. You will start off at unranked, and work your way up to bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Each level will require 20 wins to unlock the next, and losses will not count against you. Don't think you are going to cheat either, as you can only earn progress at or above your current level. This means if you are stuck at silver trying to get gold, you will need 20 wins at gold level, and can't milk it by trying to play bronze level challenges. 

There is also a new arena called Champions Field, which is free as part of the update. It's available now on Xbox One, so be sure you get it installing if you don't have automatic download set up. 

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