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Conan Exiles Developer Livestream Shows off Frozen North Map and New Updates

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If you were having trouble waiting until August 16th to see Conan Exiles on Xbox Game Preview, then don't worry. The developers at Funcom showed off an hour long stream yesterday featuring the new Frozen North area as well as a few changes that will be coming to the game on release.

The new map is part of an update coming to PC, and will be on Xbox One the same day it launches in August. This ensures both versions of the game will have the same content moving forward.  Similar to Breath of the Wild, you'll need to dress for the occasion in order to survive.  You'll have to cool off in hot weather and dress warm in the colder areas or risk injury and/or death. 

Some other minor changes to combat were also demonstrated, such as dodge rolls and damage both sustained and inflicted.  We are only six weeks away from launch on Xbox One Game Preview for Conan Exiles now. Once in preview, it will remain there until it sees a full release tentatively scheduled for early 2018. Take a look at the stream below. 

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