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Raiders of the Broken Planet Developer Diary Examines the Antagonist Role

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Mercurysteam released a brand new developer diary today for their upcoming shooter Raiders of the Broken Planet. Still in closed beta, the game is focused as more of an action shooter with four players taking on either the computer AI or a human antagonist.

The antagonist role can be taken up by a human player at any time during the other four players' campaign. These players will not know when a person joins in the gaem as an antagonist, and will have to gauge based on the enemy actions. It's a unique take on the shooter experience, and adds a huge level of replayability to the game. Raiders of the Broken Planet can be completed solo, but it is designed as a four person co-op game. Each character has a variety of weapons and upgrades available as well.

Raiders of the Broken Planet is in closed beta and usually opens up during the weekend while in testing. You can sign up for a beta entry here, and the game will launch on Xbox One later this year. Take a look at the trailer below. 

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