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The Punisher Premiere Date Revealed, Shoots up the Screen October 13th

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After all the hype and guesses, it appears that the premiere date for The Punisher has finally been revealed.

Thanks to the folks over at MCU Exchange, we can see that the series will air on Friday, October 13th. An image from the upcoming issue of Total Film magazine spilled the beans. Friday the 13th is a fitting day considering the death and destruction that follows Frank Castle seemingly everywhere he goes, and it's a lot closer than the November date we thought we may be getting.

It's very unusual to be this close to the premiere time frame and  not have an exact date, especially as Netflix announces dates way in advance. Iron Fist season one, for example, was announced six months ahead of time. Their will be 13 episodes in The Punisher, bringing it back the season standard after The Defenders' eight episodes. 

So far, all we know is that Jigsaw will serve as one of the primary bad guys for the show as he was shown in the trailer. 13 Episodes of The Punisher on Friday, October 13th makes a lot of sense. 10-13 is also a military and police code for officer needs assistance, which could also be a reason the date was picked.

Check out the image from Total Film below, and let us know what you are looking forward to with The Punisher.


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