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Huge Daredevil Easter Egg Dropped in The Defenders

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If you haven’t watched The Defenders on Netflix yet, you really must. Stop what you’re doing and go watch, then come back and read this. You can also read our review here. As the title notes, there is a major Daredevil spoiler down below. You’ve been warned twice now, so it’s on you if you keep reading.

Ok, you asked for it. Here it goes.



At the end of The Defenders on Netflix, we see the four Heroes squaring off against Elektra (Black Sky) and the remaining fingers of The Hand beneath New York City. The location is a few hundred feet underground, at the same location of the giant hole we saw Daredevil and Elektra at back in Daredevil season two. The hole is now covered by a giant skyscraper, which is The Hand headquarters helmed by Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandra. The Hand needs Danny in order to further their nefarious plot, and so of course the fight takes place down below.

At the end of the fight, which was the best in the series, we see only the four heroes and Elektra remaining. Daredevil tells the others to leave in order to protect Danny, as he is the key to their success. He then states that he can convince Elektra about the good in her, and swears he’ll make his way out alive. After Daredevil whispers something in Danny’s ear (whcih we find out later), the three make their way out, and we see the building implode with the explosives they set. Daredevil can be seen holding Elektra in a half fight / half embrace type hold as dust encircles them and the building collapses.

Now, everyone is under the impression Daredevil gave his life for the team, but we know better. After all, there is a season three coming. The final scene sets up a huge easter egg, and what is sure to be the focal point of Daredevil season three. The camera starts at floor level and pans its way up to Matthew Murdock lying in a bed unconscious. He’s covered in bandages and badly injured. A nun is sitting on the edge of the bed and says “Get Maggie, tell he he’s awake”. The screen than cuts to credits.

Maggie, of course, is Maggie Murdock. She is also Matthew’s mother. In the comics, his mother suffered from severe postpartum depression. Fearing she would not be able to care properly for her son, she left him in the care of his father and fled to join a nunnery.  His mother was referenced in the first season of Daredevil by Stick, who asked why Matthew was in an orphanage rather than with her.  Other than that, Maggie Murdock has not been mentioned at all.

After the events of The Defenders, I was curious to see how they would continue with the Daredevil series. As the only one of the four heroes with two seasons in the books already, it seemed that his story was complete. The revelation of his mother and uncertainy of not only what happened to Elektra but how it happened makes Daredevil season three incredibly intriguing.  After all, the elevator was busted. How the hell did Daredevil get out of that hole?

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