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The Incredibles 2: Edna Mode Gets A Teaser Trailer

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We got our first official look at footage and plot details for Incredibles 2 today, but it wasn't of the Parr family, Instead, it was a promo teaser piece for Edna Mode. It features a number of high profile, female celebrities and CEO's who all offer praise for the undercover super spy.

Although she's not really undercover, Edna is a focal part of the film. She will help Elastigirl, who will be at the forefront of the movie after a number of incidents. Also, something was mentioned that caught me a little off guard regarding Jack-Jack. Of course, we all know he has powers. Apparently, the family still does not know this, despite him wearing a mask at the end of the first film while sitting on his father's shoulders.

Brad Bird, the film's Director, mentioned that by saying

"You the audience know that he has super powers but the family is unaware. We're having fun with that in the film. There's an issue with the family's house. So, the family has to get a new house. As you can see, it's kind of a cross between a dream house and a super lair -- a secret agents house or something. Water flows throughout the whole building and its made almost entirely of sharp corners which is not ideal for a baby." 

This is rather odd. After all, Jack-Jack turned into a heavy piece of solid metal, flaming baby and a monster. Even though he was in the sky, the entire family was staring up at him, so how did they not see him. It seems like a bit of a stretch, but we can't wait for the film either way. The Incredibles 2 hits theaters in June, 2018, and you can check out the Edna Mode trailer below.  How excited are you? Let us know.

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