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Wreck it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet First Footage Released at D23 Expo

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With the D23 Expo going on this week, footage and news is coming out about all things Disney. One of those is the first footage from the Wreck it Ralph 2 film, Ralph Breaks the Internet. It was taken as off screen footage compliments of ScreenRant, who was at the event. Rich Moore, the Director of the movie, confirmed that it will take place six years after the first one, as if in the current day

“It’ll be just like the first one. So it will be exactly four years, or no, six years after the first Wreck-It Ralph. The current day timeline,” Moore said. The interview also teases fans that the upcoming sequel will include a nod towards the Tron films as Moore is a big fan of the franchise. When asked, “Are you going to manage to get TRON in this movie,” 

Ralph Breaks the Internet will hit theaters in October, 2018 and is undergoing development now. Jane Lynch and the entire crew will be back. You can see the entire teaser below. It's short, only about 28 seconds, but you can see Ralph and Venelope flying through the information super highway and crashing onto some motherboard. Other films like The Incredibles 2 also got some new information, and you can see that by clicking the link.

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