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Marvel's Inhumans Will be Missing One Huge Part of Black Bolt

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The first official trailer for Marvel's Inhumans dropped a couple weeka go, and it's safe to say that fans were pretty underwhelmed. The response was not what was expected from most fans, and saw a result containing pretty bland reactions.

Inhumans features Black Bolt, who is a king with a super power so intense that he can destroy an entire planet with his voice. A simple exhale can literally topple a building. His comic costume is a black outfit set up with a tuning fork. This isn't just for a design, but it maintains his powers at bay so that he can actually whisper to his wife, Medusa. As queen, Medusa can use her hair as a weapon, and it's flowing red. Unfortunately, Black Bolt (played by Anson Mount) will not feature the classic costume. Speaking with Screenrant, Mount noted that 

Dude, one of the tricks of this kind of adaptation from the graphic novel world to a live-action is to, you have to ground it. You have to ground it in a way that makes these characters more accessible to a viewing audience rather than a reading audience. It’s a colder medium. They are not participating. Even if the novel is graphic, it’s still a hotter medium. There are certain aspects of the character in the world that are a bit more grounded than what you’d see in the graphic novels, but, uh, I was about to make a brilliant side thought and it just left my head, but, it’ll come to me.

I understand a little poetic license, but completely removing a costume from someone who always had it is a bit off. It's incredibly disappointing, and hopefully the content of the show makes up for the lack of flair. Take a look at the trailer below if you missed it. 

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