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Power Rangers Film Sequel Could Happen Thanks to DVD/Blu-Ray Sales

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A sequel to the Power Rangers film just released looks like it could happen thanks to the sales number from the DVD/Blu-Ray. The sales came in at number one, passing John Wick Chapter 2 and Beauty and the Beast. 

This is huge news as the film raked in only $140 million worldwide on a $100 million budget. That amount of profit is not usually sufficient to merit a sequel, especially when you factor in the marketing costs. The sales from the DVD/Blu-Ray combined with the high numbers in toy sales could be just enough for Lionsgate to green light the sequel. Speaking of green, they did reveal that Tommy Oliver would be in the film as the Green Ranger at the end of the first film during the credits scene. The storyline behind him, of course, was not revealed, and we didn't even see the character playing Tommy as he hasn't been cast yet. 

The Power Rangers also took the top spot in movie rentals, which will also add to the revenue. There are a number of things we want to see in the sequel, and you can read them all here. We took a look at what we thought was missing in the first film compared to its TV counterpart. 

Hopefully we'll hear more soon. Let us know what you want to see below. 

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