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Wednesday, 10 May 2017 08:06

Cars 3 Rivalry Trailer Finally Gives us the Cars 2 We All Wanted

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Cars 2 is like the movie Fight Club. We don't talk about Cars 2. It seems that Disney Pixar has picked up on this as well, as the most recent trailers for Cars 3 seem to provide the sequel we all wanted. The newest Rivalry trailer just released shows us just that.

With Lightning McQueen running low in the tank (pun) and up and coming racer Jackson Storm looking to make a name for himself, we see a bit of what McQueen will have to go through to get mojo back on the track. After a devastating crash, McQueen is trained by Cruz Ramirez, a female racer that puts him through all sorts of new age testing. There are treadmills (no seriously), VR races and even a throwback to Rocky 3 with some beach racing on the sand. 

All in all, we can probably guess that McQueen somehow beats Jackson Storm at the end to solidify his career, but then again Pixar does have a way of throwing a twist at us. So long as we don't talk about Cars 2 we'll be fine. Wait, does saying not to talk about it count as talking about it? Ugh, I'm confused. Cars 3 is out June 16th. 

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