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Marvel's Inhumans completes its royal family with five new cast members - Here are there full breakdowns

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In a rather busy week, Marvel completed its Inhumans casting announcements by revealing five new additions on Friday afternoon, including three from the royal family - Triton, Gorgon and Crystal.

The other two are the head of Attilans' Royal Guard and one undisclosed character. This past week we learned the roles of Black Bolt, Medusa and Maximus, so let's take a look at each one starting (starting with the newest) and their individual inhuman powers.

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Triton - ((Mike Moh - Empire)  Skin turned green from the Terrigen mist and is capable of breathing underwater. Unfortunately, he also has issues surviving outside of water. 


Gorgon - (Eme Ikuakor - Concussion movie) Super strength and Black Bolt's bodyguard who traines to inhumans

550full isabelle cornish

Crystal - (Isabele Cornish) Medusa's younger sister, sister-in-law to Black Bolt, capable of controlling elements earth, air, fire and water

hell on wheels cullen bohannon

Black Bolt - (Anson Mount -Hell on Wheels) - Leader of the Inhuman royal family. Voice so devastating that he can literally destroy planets, needs to communicate silently, married to Medusa

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Medusa - Selinda Swan Wife of Black Bolt, able to use her hair as a weapon and can manipulate it to take various shapes

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Maximus - (Iwan Rheon - Game of Thrones) Black Bolt's brother, very immature but very strong

That's not the best news, however. Marvel has also confirmed that the team's dog (because we all know every team needs a dog) Lockjaw is also going to be starring in the show. No casting announcement was made as to which K-9 star would be playing the role, so we believe he'll be playing the role of himself. Lockjaw possesses the ability to teleport, which is pretty damn cool I should say and rather wasted on a dog, but I digress.

Marvel's Inhumans premieres its first two episodes in IMAX theaters on Labor Day weekend, September 1st, followed up by the remaining six episodes on ABC starting September 26th. It's the first TV show in history to follow this format and begin in theaters as well. Agents of SHIELD has not be renewed for a fifth season yet, which we hope it does as it's one of if not the best show on television right now. Inhumans premieres on ABC on a Tuesday, which is also the same day as SHIELD. They could always move SHIELD to another day, and we hope they do after the Hydra subplot finishes up when the show returns from its break in April.

What do you think of the Inhumans casting so far, let us know below. 

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