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Wednesday, 20 August 2014 20:00

Disney Infinity 2.0 Update - System Compatibility Featured

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Since the reveal for Disney Infinity 2.0 a couple months back, there has been some confusion and unanswered questions regarding the game's compatibility transferring to current generation consoles. In the initial reveal, the livestream reported that the PS3 version will carry over to the PS4 and that the base will be able to be plugged in via the usb port with all characters transferring over as well. The Xbox One, on the other hand, would require a new base due to a different USB port being used than the Xbox 360. It was then "clarified" that the Xbox One would work with the 360 base by the same livestream later on. 

As we know, all characters will transfer over and work on current generations. The main question however, is what happens to the base and can we buy just the game? Even if the base does transfer (PS4), the starter pack has a base in it. So, can we buy just the game? None of these questions have been answered and, as a big fan of the game myself, I've been back and forth with Disney Infinity trying to find out. Unfortunately, the account has been hush hush with info even though the game releases in only a month. That all changed yesterday. We were able to clarify exactly the questions we've been all wondering. Here you go

1. Both Xbox One and PS4 users will need to buy the starter pack initially and therefore have an extra base. It will not be sold (the game) separately at launch

2. Only the digital version, which will NOT be available at launch, will allow you to upgrade to PS4/Xbox One without buying a new base.

3. Xbox One will need to buy a new base regardless due to the different USB port being used. 

Hopefully the digital version comes out sooner than later for PS4 users because having two bases lying around just is not practical. Xbox One users don't have a choice and need to buy the full version anyway. One thing that hasn't been clarified is people buying the game for the first time on PS4 and Xbox One, how digital purchases will work for them. Disney Infinity promised me more information is coming on that front soon. Hopefully, as the game is out in a month on September 23rd on all platforms. More to come. 

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